Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the Emilie Flora FAQs below

About the Brand / Products

Because everything is designed from scratch by myself unfortunately the patterns aren't sold.


Hours of time goes into perfecting each pattern (even from adding or removing single stitches!). Once the patterns have been perfected each one goes through rigorous colour testing to see exactly which shades suit each design best! 

With all this in mind I have decided to keep the patterns exclusive to Emilie Flora products.

Yes! I take great pleasure in seeing the products through each stage of the design, construction and finishing process.

To begin with I design everything from scratch - from the yarn selection and colourway, the knitting pattern and motifs and product shape/size/type. I then knit the fabrics on a domestic knitting machine (which takes a lot of time and strength!) and then sew the material up into the funky finished products. 

The bags are very strong! 

Each bag has a lining in both the main compartment and the straps! 

Because the straps are reinforced it means that the bag can take weight and the straps won't stretch/distort. In addition to this, during the construction stage the straps are sewn on 2/3 times (depending on the bags design) so they are extremely unlikely to come loose. 

Each Emilie Flora product is built with longevity in mind!

Every Emilie Flora cushion is stuffed and ready to use straight away!

Breaks / Holidays

Because Emilie Flora is a one women team, after what has been a busy year I am taking some time off to rest and reset. 

I will be out of office from the 23rd of December until early January (date TBC) meaning that any messages/emails will be responded to in the new year.

If your parcel hasn't been by the 22nd of December it will be processed and dispatched in 2022. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Getting In Touch

The best way to get in contact is to send an email over to 

Direct messages on Instagram can get lost quite easily and Facebook messages aren't monitored. If you send a message on Facebook it may not get picked up.

As Emilie Flora is just a one women team messages across all platforms will be picked up by myself, Emilie, so please avoid sending duplicate messages across social media/email.



Because all Emilie Flora products are made to order there is a process time for each piece - this is listed in the 'WAIT TIME' section of the product description. The timings vary for each piece so please read the description of the product that you are ordering. 

These wait times are in place to allow time to make each piece from scratch and work through orders chronologically, as well as managing other aspects of the business. At times where there is a high volume of orders the wait time will most likely reach the upper limit. 


The wait times don't take into account the period of time the order will take to arrive in the post. Once the order has been dispatched it will take an additional length of time to arrive - this time period varies depending on your location/time of year. During busy periods such as the festive period parcels may take longer to arrive than usual.


Orders are dispatched depending on the shipping option that you select upon checkout. Only customers who select 'Tracked Shipping' will receive a tracking number. This tracking number allows you to follow your orders journey and is highly recommended for this reason.

If you select 'First', 'Second', or 'International Standard' postage your order will not come with a tracking number, therefore I will not be able to provide you with any further information of your parcels whereabouts once it has been dispatched.